Monday, February 8, 2016

Reno Wish List Update 2016

As I've mentioned before my hubby and I have a wish list of home improvements.

We've been in our house 18 years now and we've done a lot.  But we still have some things on our list that "need" to get done and also stuff we'd "like" done

So each year, usually in the spring, we try to sit down and prioritize the list.  There isn't much left on this list since we've been knocking stuff off the last couple of years but I wanted to post an update.

You might not be interested but I like to use my blog as a photo album and place to record stuff.

Here's our last WISH LIST with updates (in no particular order):

Kitchen - Cabinets/countertops and move some appliances? (2017)
Outside Front - Front doors/Landscaping/Rock work/lighting/driveway (2018)
Outside Backyard (was done 10 years ago but needs some minor repair work)
Garage Organization - finish walls and install shelving/storage - this may never get done!
Misc Repairs and Organization throughout house (ongoing and again may never be finished!)
Re-Do Den Flooring - Replace damaged cork with faux wood plank tile (2017)
Replace Kids' Bathroom Toilet - (2016)
Paint Jackson's Room - last painted in 1997!! (Summer 2016)
Master Bath - total gut (2016 ongoing as we speak)
Laundry Room - total gut  (done 2014)
Paint the Exterior (done 2015)
Replace Windows - not all just 3 large ones on front of house (done 2015)
Replace Bathroom Windows - 2 in master ensuite and 1 in kids' bathroom (done 2016)

I just have to keep buying those lottery tickets so we can finish off this list...or move!

Until next time...

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