Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel...

I see light at the end of the tunnel but it's a really long tunnel and the light is pretty far away still...

When the contractor told me initially that this job could take 6 weeks I remember laughing and thinking there is no way this is going to take 6 weeks.

Maybe 4 weeks?

At the start, this reno was moving fast and then it slowed down a bit but was still on schedule.  I thought "wow we'll be finished soon".

Maybe 4 weeks?

Today is officially Week 4 of the Master Bathroom reno.

I was wrong...

It's going to take at least 6 weeks and then we will be waiting for "finishing touches".

Tiling Delays

The tiler has finished the shower wall tile and is grouting today.

But this has taken a few days longer than expected because
a) the tiler was tied up on another job and started 3 days late and
b) the handmade ceramic tile is not perfectly square (that's why we picked it) and it took much longer to install and work around the niche and
c) the sliced pebbles still need to be sealed.

The tiler has been here for 8 days now and probably will be here again tomorrow!

Before Grout
After Grout

Custom Cabinet Delay

The custom cabinet finishing pieces were supposed to be here tomorrow (Thursday Feb 11).  But they are now delayed until next week - a week later than scheduled.  I am told this is due to the dark colour we chose and the cabinet makers are really busy right now.

Shower Glass Delay

Because the tile is taking longer than expected, the shower glass site measure has been delayed a few days.  That delay puts off the shower glass finish to install date (usually 2 weeks from measure).

Window Blind Delay

This delay was caused by me.  I chose the blind colour without having the walls painted or the tile installed.  I had cold feet right after and decided that I wanted to wait until I had the other "colours" in the room before I finalized the blind colour.  Nancy is coming back on Friday morning to finalize the colour with me.

Brandon, the contractor, came by this morning and filled me on what will happen in the next few days - he's just waiting for the tiler to finish so he and his crew can come in and do some more work.

Good news - I may have a toilet by the weekend!!

Until next time...

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