Thursday, February 4, 2016

Master Ensuite Reno Continues.....3 1/2 weeks

This past Wednesday was officially the 3-week mark for this master ensuite renovation.

This is what it looks like so far...

Floor is done & grouted

Shower niche (back wall) was tiled same as shower floor

I really love how the dark background (pre grout) makes the pebbles stand out.  Unfortunately, the grout I picked for the plank floor (and will use on the pebbles) is not as dark as I would have liked for the pebbles.  The tiler tells me that it will darken once he puts the stone enhancer on.

The shower walls are being tiled (to be finished Monday).
This took a lot of planning to make sure the niche is framed nicely and that the tile isn't too cut up into little pieces around it.

The cabinet boxes were installed yesterday (and the countertop suppliers came today to do a site measure for the quartz)

NOTE:  We ended up changing the wall paint colour to Cloverdale Paints Hearth CA045

Next week:
Tiling and Grouting continued/finished
Baseboards, door frame and window sill installed
Cabinet fronts and gables installed & hardware
Tub and Toilet installed (fingers crossed)
Shower glass site measure
Electrical finished and Lighting installed

I am having blinds installed on the big window over the tub and I'll post about that separately.

Sounds like a lot left to do still, but it will go fast now that the tiling is getting done.

Until next time...

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