Thursday, January 28, 2016


I hate choosing grout!  I have a hard enough time picking out the tile and now I have to pick grout!!

Light or dark?  

The light (top) is CUSTOM Chateau and the dark (bottom) is CUSTOM New Taupe.

As well we had to change our shower floor pebble tiles to cut pebbles (see new tile below).

The tiler suggested that the flatter pebbles would be a better choice for the shower floor since the smaller pebbles would get covered in grout and leave patches and that the taller pebbles would be uncomfortable for our feet.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Nice Niche!

Now I just need to figure out the tile layout before the tiler comes tomorrow.

Should I go with a border?

Or no border?

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Master Ensuite Reno Continues...End of Week 1

Still on schedule....

There were a few set backs - finding a matching brushed nickel finish drain for the shower and a mix up with the size of the shower niche.

I feel like it's taking so long but really a lot has happened this week since the windows went in.

The drywall went up (fast) followed by 2 days of mudding and smoothing out the ceiling (good bye popcorn).

At the same time the tub was dry fitted again and plumbing adjusted.  I'm so glad it fit through the bathroom door - you know some of those tubs do not fit through the door!!

On Monday the shower niche goes in and the waterproof membrane is applied.

I'm going with a big 28 inch Schluter niche with a glass divider so everything will fit inside and no bottles on the floor!!

The field tile will be the 3x6 Antique White subway tile and there will be a 12-14" band of the hex tile around the shower and in the back of the niche.

That's the plan - we'll see what the tiler thinks!!

Recap -
What's happening this week:

  • Drywall will be sanded (not looking forward to that mess) 
  • Shower niche installed and membrane applied to shower base and walls
  • Walls and Floor prepped for tiling
  • Tiler to start with porcelain plank floor tile

By the end of this week, I should have some new pics for you with some tile in place!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Master Ensuite Renovation Continues...Week 1

Apparently we are right on schedule with this Master Ensuite reno.  

Here's an update:

The new windows went in on Monday and took the WHOLE day.

Here's the BEFORE for these windows.

What an improvement!

But we can see our neighbour's house now thru the big clear window (used to be glass block) and I'm sure they can see us.  

I really don't want them to see me going in and out of the bath and shower so I'm meeting with the "blind" lady this afternoon to go over window covering options.  

The Electrical is all done.  While the electrician was here he added an extra outlet in our bedroom (shared wall with bathroom) and added a timer for the fan in the kids bathroom.

The Plumbing is prepped for drains and fixture hookups.  So 1/2 done!

Next up is drywalling (being done as I type) and then floor heat and then prep for tiling.

Until next time...

Friday, January 15, 2016

Renovating Again!

We are renovating again - this time we are doing the master bathroom. YAY!!

Our house was built in 1986 so it's 30 years old this year!

We've been in this house for 18 years now and over the years we have eliminated a lot of the 80's decor.  But we still have a lot of BRASS - ALL the doorknobs and in the Master Bathroom taps and shower frame.

The doorknobs will have to wait (they are not a priority for me) but the bathroom has had a few small leaks and I'm sick of the all the brown tile so we decided to make it our next reno.

Here is what it looks like now - I actually remembered to take BEFORE photos!!!

Here is what I plan to use in this bathroom.

The porcelain wood plank is going on the floor, the pebbles on the shower floor, the 3x6 antique white ceramic will be our field tile for the shower and the hex antique white mosaic will be an accent (not sure where but maybe inside the shower niche?).

We've taken out the Jacuzzi tub and will replace it with a freestanding rectangular tub like this

The cabinet is being custom built - more expensive than I wanted but the space is 1 inch short for stock cabinetry - so I'm getting it painted BM Iron Mountain 

and the countertop will be Caesarstone Ice Snow quartz.  

For the sink I've opted to go with this top mount sink from Kohler.

For the walls I'm thinking of BM Revere Pewter 

or BM Tweed Coat

Here are some DURING photos - aside from a bit of water damage to the pony wall between shower and tub - there wasn't any other water damage which I found very surprising!!

These two windows will be replaced on Monday.

Stay tuned for more pics to come as the project progresses.

ps After this we JUST have the kitchen and the front of house to do!  There's always another reno...

Until next time...