Friday, February 12, 2016

Hall Closet - Converting BiFold Doors to French Style Doors

When I reno'd the laundry room in July 2014 I converted a small closet into a pantry and retrofitted the bifold doors to open up like french style doors.

Click HERE to see that post and see the list of parts needed to do this.

Seriously it's so easy and cost less than $15 (maybe a bit more if you have to buy new knobs/pulls).

Well, I've decided to do it again.

My hall closet bifold door keeps jumping the track and it's time to convert it to french doors.

I also need to see inside it better to declutter it!

I had some questions from that last post so I'll answer them here.

1.  Do I need to remove the old track?
No you do not need to remove the old track.  This is from the pantry - see the damage when the pin jumps the track!!  I didn't even take out the slider bit since it's not in the way.

2.  Do I need to build up the side walls?
No.  Since you are not putting hinges into the wall you do not need to do anything.  The walls do not even need to be flush - mine are inset a bit.

3.  How do the doors stay closed?
To keep the doors closed I used a magnet mounted on a small piece of wood block beside the track.
and then a plate on the inside top of each of the doors

4.  What about the hinges that are on the bifold doors?
All you do is take off the inside hinges to separate the doors.  I didn't even paint/fill the pantry door inside but I will do the hall closet (maybe do both at the same time).

It's very easy and less money than replacing with new doors!

Until next time...

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