Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm Floored!

After lots of back and forth with grout colours I finally choose 
Mapei Sahara Beige

 Here's how it looks with my Porcelain Wood Plank Tiles

I did some research and with these faux wood plank tiles it is recommended to pick a grout the same colour as the darkest tone on your tile.  Here's another example of what I mean.

I know that with some of the dark wood tiles, black grout is being used to simulate the look of real wood flooring.

It looks awesome and now it has me wondering if I should faux wood plank tiles to re-do my den (the cork flooring is getting chewed up by the rolling office chairs in there!).

I'm going to use the same colour grout on the shower flooring - Pacific Beach Pebbles (Sliced).

It's beginning to look like how I envisioned it - very natural looking with calming colours and materials.

Tomorrow the cabinet box gets installed and the shower walls will be tiled.

After that, things will progress very quickly and soon I'll be soaking in my tub with a glass of wine....

Until next time...

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