Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Choosing Cabinet Hardware

I still cannot believe how many decisions I've had to make with this bathroom renovation.

I do not remember there being this much involvement when I did the kids' bathroom 6 years ago - mind you I was going through chemo and radiation so maybe I wasn't that focused on it.

That's not the case for this bathroom.  I am super focused and on top of everything....

It really has been an ongoing process from the initial inspiration photos (over a year ago) to the selection of materials, re-selection of materials (pebble shower floor), paint colour, re-selection of paint colour (hubby's input), grout colour debates and research,  doorway transition piece finishes, custom cabinet paint colour, window styles/glass, window coverings and all the other normal stuff like fixtures and faucets.

Maybe I'm just over thinking it all....but hey someone's gotta do it and it's my bathroom!!

Anyway, back on track to the topic of this post....

Picking out cabinet hardware.  The other day I stopped by the cabinet makers and picked out my cabinet hardware.

I was all set to use these beautiful pulls.  They are rounded on the inside and feel great in your hand.  I LOVE them!

But then I had a light bulb moment and looked at a photo of my sink taps.

You see what I'm getting at?  They don't match - style I mean - the taps are tradional and the pulls are contemporary/modern.

I hadn't given any thought to "matching" my hardware to the "look" of my taps.  Until now.

So I ended up choosing these knobs instead.  I really like the aged finish in the second pic rather than the brushed nickel "matchy matchy" look in the first pic.

Uggh another decision...but at least these are better suited to the taps.

I really loved those original pulls though!!

I'm going to put them in my idea file for the Kitchen reno...

Until next time...

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