Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kitchen Reno Ideas

Still a long way off but I'm collecting ideas for the Kitchen renovation (next year?).

I'd like to put in a built in bench nook seating area like these...

And I've started collecting storage ideas like these...

Until next time...

Friday, February 26, 2016

DIY Canvas Headboard

I saw this Benjamin Moore painted canvas headboard DIY project on Cityline the other day.

I love it!

I think it would look so cool done in the natural linen canvas - no painting necessary.

Or you could buy cheap canvas boards and cover them with fabric - using the boards are bases.

I think there are 12 square shaped canvases in 2 different thicknesses in this project...

Unfortunately, I already have a headboard and so does the bed in my daughter's/guest room.

Remember this one we found in an alley and spray painted red...

My son doesn't have a headboard - but he's got posters all up his wall and doesn't want one.

So I'm filing this away (documenting it here) for when he moves out and we change his room into a guest room.

Until next time...

Knock! Knock!

Our master bathroom was full of brass - taps, shower enclosure & towel bars.

Now that we've gotten rid of it, the only brass left in our house is our door knobs.

I know that gold hardware is making a comeback but it's not my taste.

It's so dated looking!

We have 11 30-year-old brass door knobs left but I'm slowly converting them to brushed nickel.

I did find all the same knobs for replacing the brass ones -  it just takes me time to go through and do every door.

After this is done the next job will be to repaint all the doors and trim in the house (maybe this summer?).

The only problem I've encountered so far with switching out brass for nickel is my pocket door hardware.

I could not find a brushed nickel or stainless pull to fit the rectangular opening made for the original brass one.

So I spray painted the brass one with Rustoleum Universal in Satin Nickel.

There are all kinds of blog posts and articles about spray painting the actual door knobs and I did consider this.  But mine do get a lot of traffic and I didn't know if the spray paint would hold up.

However, now that I have a new can of spray paint I'm looking around the house to see what else I can revive with a Satin Nickel finish!!

Until next time...

Closet Door Conversion Complete

I finished converting the hall closet to french doors and also did my linen closet.

It was so easy - I did it all by myself!!

The hardest part is positioning the new stationary pivot bracket at the top of the door. But that just took a few adjustments so that the door wouldn't scrape the wall and fit snug against the other door. Then it was all good!

I also had to mount the top magnetic catch on something so it would clear the track.  I used a scrap piece of trim board.

If your doors stay closed without this, then you might skip it, but for $4 extra it keeps my doors nicely closed.

Until next time...

Master Bath Reno Update

I wish that I could show you some finished bathroom photos but sadly it's still not done.

It's been over 6 weeks since we started this reno and we are STILL waiting on shower glass (over 2 weeks since measure) and STILL waiting on window blind (to be installed on Friday, March 4).

UPDATE: I just had a call from the contractor today and apparently there was a warehouse glass accident and my shower glass was broken....we are aiming for the install to happen Thursday, March 3 now.

I'll post the final pics next weekend - I hope!

In the meantime, I have been busy with other projects like converting my closet doors...

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Bath...

Today I had my first bath in the renovated master bathroom.

I love this bath tub - the MAAX Lounge.

It's nice and deep and the back is angled perfectly.

I'm still waiting on the window blind to arrive so I've covered the glass with Glad Press 'n Seal.

It still lets in a lot of light but gives me the privacy I need to get naked in front of this new window.

Until next time...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Now that's a vanity!!

Today the vanity was finished - fronts and gables installed!

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Master Bath Reno Update - 5 weeks today!

Today is the 5 week mark for this master bathroom renovation.

The contractor and his helper, and the electrician arrived bright and early this morning (lol 9 am) and finished up what they had to do.

- trimmed and hung original door with new hardware
- finished installing bath tub
- replaced the noisy fan, defective fan switch and dead outlet
- installed the light fixture & mirror

All that is missing now is:
- the vanity panels & hardware (will be installed on Friday morning)
- the shower glass
- the window blind
- the towel bars

Here are the pics as of today.

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - NOT!

You may have noticed in my previous post that my light fixture and mirror are not up yet.

I have had a hard time trying to find the right mirror for this bathroom reno.

Originally there was a builder's plate glass mirror in this space and I added a dark brown trim frame to it a few years ago during a "refresh".
If you want to know how to do this click HERE to see examples.

I didn't want to keep that mirror - the new vanity was going to be taller and that mirror wouldn't work.

Also I wanted something more stylish.

I thought that I had found the perfect mirror here (from Home Sense $199).

It was a heavy frame and the paint finish mimicked the floor tile (like driftwood).

I measured it so many times and it looked like it was going to be perfect...until the new vanity & countertop were installed.

The vanity turned out to be taller (35 1/2") than what I was expecting (34") so the mirror was 1/2 inch too tall.

Also, I wanted my light fixture to face down and the thick mirror frame (3" depth) was not going to clear the glass globes.

I considered getting another plate glass mirror but couldn't decide if it should be below the light fixture like this.

Include the light fixture like this (the shower glass company quoted me $225 for a mirror for my space).

Or go to the ceiling like this.

In the end, I found a mirror at Home Depot for $80.
It is the right size (taped it out on the wall) and the frame is thinner (depth) so I can have the light fixture the way I want it.

I know that the finish is not quite right (it's a warmer metallic) but I'm not afraid to paint it (to a cooler metallic) if it's too awful after I get it up.

 Until next time...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Master Bath Reno - Update 4 1/2 weeks

I'm so excited.....
We are very close to having this bathroom back in use!!

 Just missing the shower doors (2 weeks?)

 Also missing the vanity front panels and side gables (maybe tomorrow?)
 and mirror and light fixture (Wednesday)
 And missing the window blind (2 weeks?)
Until next time...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hall Closet - Converting BiFold Doors to French Style Doors

When I reno'd the laundry room in July 2014 I converted a small closet into a pantry and retrofitted the bifold doors to open up like french style doors.

Click HERE to see that post and see the list of parts needed to do this.

Seriously it's so easy and cost less than $15 (maybe a bit more if you have to buy new knobs/pulls).

Well, I've decided to do it again.

My hall closet bifold door keeps jumping the track and it's time to convert it to french doors.

I also need to see inside it better to declutter it!

I had some questions from that last post so I'll answer them here.

1.  Do I need to remove the old track?
No you do not need to remove the old track.  This is from the pantry - see the damage when the pin jumps the track!!  I didn't even take out the slider bit since it's not in the way.

2.  Do I need to build up the side walls?
No.  Since you are not putting hinges into the wall you do not need to do anything.  The walls do not even need to be flush - mine are inset a bit.

3.  How do the doors stay closed?
To keep the doors closed I used a magnet mounted on a small piece of wood block beside the track.
and then a plate on the inside top of each of the doors

4.  What about the hinges that are on the bifold doors?
All you do is take off the inside hinges to separate the doors.  I didn't even paint/fill the pantry door inside but I will do the hall closet (maybe do both at the same time).

It's very easy and less money than replacing with new doors!

Until next time...