Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Let me introduce you to....

Bar Keepers Friend!

I know there are other more popular creamy cleansers on the market (Vim, Ajax, Comet etc) but I personally found them to be gritty and leave a residue.

One day I came across Bar Keepers Friend at Bed Bath & Beyond and decided to try it out on my stainless sink and cookware.

I was so pleased with how shiny and clean my stainless steel sink and pots/pans got that I decided to try it on other things.

I use it on my glass cooktop too and it works really well at getting that burned on residue off.

But it's perfect for cleaning those "scratch" marks on your white ceramic dishes that comes from your utensils.

My white/off white ceramic cereal bowls and mugs often look like this after a while

It almost looks like they're cracked but really it's just scuff marks from my spoons (almost looks like pencil marks too).

After a quick scrubbing with Bar Keepers Friend, and then a thorough rinsing and washing with dish soap they look good as new!

Here are the before and after pics

Here is my disclaimer - This product contains Oxalic Acid (naturally derived and found in leafy green things) but like a lot of cleaning products it is very bad for your skin so wear gloves and read the warnings before using.  
Also, before going to town and using it on your own dishes & cookware I would test it out on the back to see how it affects your finishes.  I use this on my Pottery Barn & Mikasa off white dishes (ceramic/stone ware) and glazed white ceramic mugs.  I have not had any of the finish come off and you can see in the bowl after pic above how shiny the finish is after I use it.
After you've used this product to clean anything make sure you wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water and remove all residue of BKF from the surface.

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