Sunday, March 20, 2016

BKF continued...

After I wrote the post the other day on Bar Keepers Friend I cleaned my glass cook top to see if I could get the scorch marks off.

Here's the Before (top) and After (bottom)

I left the Bar Keepers Friend (cream) on the marks for a few minutes.  Then I used a plastic scrungey to work out the marks. 

I've used other products and even a ceramic cooktop cleaner but after several attempts I just gave up.  These marks would not come off and I thought they were going to be permanent. But BKF got these marks out!

I also did 1/2 of a stainless pan.

Here's the Before (left) and the After (right)

This pan had been used to saute something (?) and it was washed a few times but the white marks did not come off.
You can see by the pic on the right that the pan was clean and shiny on the side I washed with Bar Keepers Friend!

Until next time...

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