Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cedar Hedge Trimming

As our neighbour put it - we "went HARD on the hedge" this year!

We have this huge cedar hedge around our property.

In some places it's 20 feet high (at least) and in front of the house it's probably over 10 feet high and 10 feet wide!

We try to trim it back every year but sometimes it goes a bit longer between trims.

That and the fact that it is in the path of the street rain water run off on one side and in direct contact with our neighbour's sprinkler system on the other has contributed to this hedge getting WAY too big!

Here's some BEFORE pics of the hedge "absorbing" our driveway lamp posts  (taken 2014 & 2015):

The lamp posts have been hit a few times and we have plans to redo them (in 2017?) to look like this (see this post for more stone work ideas):

We have talked about taking out the first cedar tree behind the posts and replanting with new cedars in a V pattern so that we can keep them trim and behind the posts.

I told the hedge guy our "future" plan and asked him to cut the hedge back a bit more behind the lamp posts so we can get into our driveway more easily.

I think he got a bit carried away...

AFTER pics:

From same view as above

My hubby was not too happy with this year's "trim"

From the street view (I think it looks pretty good or maybe I'm just getting used to it?)

We planted some pampas grass temporarily to fill the space until we're ready to do our front of the house reno.

Until next time...

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