Saturday, April 7, 2007

Spring Cleaning Tips!

I'm really enjoying reading the Spring Cleaning tips. Please keep them coming!

It seems that music is important, opening the windows and not trying to do it all at once. That's very good advice.

I also like the idea of hiring someone to do it but it's not just cleaning it's a lot of purging too. I've got closets to clear out and piles of magazines to go through. It's a big job of sorting and clearing out rather than the nitty gritty cleaning and so can only be done by me.

Now that the pest guy has been I'm afraid I'm going to have do some heavy duty wall scrubbing and repairing now too. You know he actually drilled holes in my dining room & living room walls!!!! It looks like there's been a drive by shooting here.

I'm hoping that the ants are now dead and there won't be any more surprises when the door gets installed next Friday. But you know - it's Friday the 13th - who knows what else they'll find when the wall comes down!

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