Saturday, April 7, 2007

Renovation Update

Today the electrician showed up and everything seemed to be going smoothly - he's MOVING my plugs not disconnecting as I orginally thought, he's installing my outside motion sensor light fixture and installing an outdoor plug on the front of my house. The outdoor plug is something extra I asked for and not part of the dining room door renovation.

Like I said everything was going to go well until he opened up my dining room wall to move the plugs.

You would NOT believe the amount of carpenter ants he found living in the wall!!! I swear there were MILLIONS!!! I had to dash out to the hardware store to pick up bug killer before he could do anything else. I had no idea that I had ants - I don't even own any RAID. I mean on occasion I'll see an ant - so far 3 since the weather warmed up this week. BUT I had no clue that there were TRILLIONS living in my wall. The walls aren't even damp or rotten so it's got me scratching my head in more ways than one!

Of course you know me....I grabbed my vacuum before I even thought to grab my camera. Now I wish I had taken a picture before I vacuumed them all up! You wouldn't have believed it.

I got out the yellow pages and the pest guy is coming this afternoon to spray into the wall before the door guys come to rip open the rest of the wall.

Here's what it looks like now. Yes that's my FISKARS rotary trimmer on the dining room table. I was trying to get some swaps done before the guys showed up this morning!

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