Friday, April 6, 2007

I knew that I'd forget the BEFORE!

First off I want to say that last night's Explosion/Squash Book class at the LSS went very well and we were done in record time. Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck with my new format. Having the customers pick their own paper worked out well and the customers loved it!

I've got 3 more classes to prep for this week but also a little home renovation that I need to prep for. Here's where I forgot all about the BEFORE!

I'm talking about a BEFORE photo. It seems that whenever I make changes around the house I get so excited about how it's going to turn out that I forget to document it. I love looking in home magazines and seeing the BEFORE and AFTER pictures and I always tell myself that I should do that. BUT I always forget to take the BEFORE photo!

I'm having a large 10 foot window in my dining room replaced with glass doors. There will be 4 panels of glass and the 2 middle ones will slide to the sides to open.

The electrician is coming bright and early tomorrow morning to move two plugs and install a switch and an outdoor motion sensor light. So today I needed to move some stuff so he can work but also to prepare for the actual doors which will be installed next week.

Luckily I remembered about the BEFORE photo and although I'd already started I took this photo.

Now this really isn't the BEFORE photo since I've already taken down the curtain rod, the curtains and the blind. BUT it still shows the window and how the wall looked BEFORE the doors come in. Oh and my hubby will be so pleased - I did a bit of recycling. I used the blind from this window on another window with a broken blind. It was exactly the same size!
On Friday - yes April 13th - the door guys are coming to cut out the opening and install the new glass doors. I'm hoping that I will have GOOD LUCK and everything goes smoothly!
I'll post an AFTER photo when it's all done.

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