Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hair Journey - Growing out my Grey

I'm posting this as a reminder to me and an inspiration to others you might be going through the same thing.

In 2009 I lost all my hair from chemo treatments for breast cancer.

When it started growing back in 2010 I was surprised at how grey it was.

March 2010

I let it grow in for a bit but it was short and curly and I wasn't ready for that look.

 May 2010

December 2010

I dyed it my "natural" dark brunette colour in the fall of 2010 and continued to do so until late 2014.

Me and my sister Yvonne summer of 2014

After a while, I got tired of that "skunk" line that would appear only 2 weeks after I'd done my roots.  It was getting costly and I started dying it myself in between salon visits.

During Christmas 2014 I decided that January 2015 would be the start of my Grey Grow Out!

So I've been growing out my grey hair since January 2015.

I started off by seeing a great hairdresser who was well known for dying young girls hair that popular lilac-ly grey.

He bleached out my dark brunette "box" colour and gave me some low/highlights to transition as my hair grew out.

And after a few months, it looked like this.

I have to admit that it's taking a really long time to grow out all the colour - I'm surprised at how much "caramel" colour I had on the ends.

This was taken earlier this month (July 2016)

I finally decided to see another hairdresser and try to "frost" out the ends and add some highlights.

This is what it looks like today - a bit lighter than I expected but I'm happy with the brighter look for the summer!

Not sure I'll keep it this way but we'll see how it grows out...

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