Friday, May 12, 2017

Paint Paint Paint

My hubby and I like to do one big house reno a year.

We get together at the beginning of year and discuss what we'd like to do and what we can afford to do.

We've been in our house for over 20 years and we are almost done our home reno to-do list.

The only big things left now are:
Kitchen reno
Front of the house reno

There are many small things to do on the list and then we start to re-do stuff that we did years ago but now need repair/updating.

Things like:
Replace furniture
Replace Hot Tub (now 15 years old yikes!)
PURGE closets and garage (this is an ongoing task!)

The kitchen reno comes up every year but every year we put it back on the list because we can't seem to agree on what to do.  I do believe it will be the last thing we do before my husband retires.  Which won't be a bad thing because then we'll have a new kitchen to enjoy until we downsize.

We're also not quite ready to do the front of the house - new doors, new end of the driveway lamp posts, new walk way, reface aggregate, replace cedar hedge etc.

One project that came up a few years ago was to replace the back yard grass with artificial grass and a putting green.

But that got side lined when we decided to do our LAUNDRY ROOM, then repaint the HOUSE EXTERIOR and then last year renovate the MASTER BATHROOM.

This year we decided to go ahead with the backyard project and also do a bit of updating inside.

So we replaced our family room sectional and got a new sectional with reclining end units.  We love it! But it's a different colour than our old one - both leather - new one is a dark taupe and the old was a dark burgundy.

This started a little domino effect because now the walls did not go well with the new coloured sectional.  Painting the family room also meant painting the kitchen - all one big space - with 2 walls meeting.

Picking paint colour is no easy task for us - hubby is colour blind but opinionated!

So began the trips to the paint store and testing out samples on the actual walls.

In the end we decided to use Behr Marquee Perfect Taupe (75%).  It's much lighter than what we had before but I like it.

For the kitchen we choose BM Niveous.

The two colours look great together and they brighten up the space.

I'll be posting my backyard putting green and artificial grass pictures soon!  

Until next time,

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