Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Chairs?

I took a break from sewing and did some stuff on my "honey do" list that my honey hasn't done for me this summer.

First up on the list I had to spray paint these mexican bar stools we have in our outside bar area.  I just paint them with Rustoleum Rust Proofing spray in Rust colour to hide the rust!

I also needed to spray paint these Japanese lanterns to "freshen" them up.

BUT while in the spray paint aisle at Home Depot I grabbed some black satin spray for a little experiment.

You see since my flooring reno I have been very slow to bring stuff back into my house (you should see my garage!). 

I was thinking that I would buy new kitchen chairs to go with our antique oak table but I couldn't find any I liked for under $400 each!  Yikes!

So I decided to spray paint them - of course I started with the broken one first just in case!

I think they turned out very nice!  Not to mention the "recycling" factor.  Don't you agree?

Yes I also spray painted the Ikea lazy susan too! 

Once I started spray painting I found it very hard to stop and found myself looking at everything in my house with renewed interest.

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