Saturday, July 31, 2010

Never give up hope!

I like to think that I am a patient, positive and hopeful person and today I was rewarded!

This is my mother's engagement ring and it has been missing for 9 years until today!

My mother died in December 2000 and I was given her ring.  In the beginning I wore it all the time on my right hand but took it off at night and for other reasons.

It was September 2001 when I realized that I hadn't seem my mother's ring for a while and even though I looked all over the house for it I could not find it.  I didn't even have a photo of it.

The last time I remember wearing it was to a business dinner in late June 2001.

But June to September 2001 there was a lot going on.   I was taking golf lessons  (taking the ring off to wear my golf glove) and I even remember leaving it in the glove box of my husband's rented car one time.  At night I'd often put it on the bathroom vanity which I realized after I lost the ring was very close to the edge and an easy drop to the garbage can!

I tried to think of what could have happened to it - did it fall in the garbage or did it fall off my nightstand and get vacuumed up?  Did I lose it outside or did someone take it?  I'd hate to think that but the thought did cross my mind since we'd had a new one-time babysitter and used a new cleaning service during that time.

After a couple of years I considered calling one of those pyschics to see if I could get a clue to it's whereabouts.

After 6 years and for our 15 wedding anniversary my husband had a ring made for me in a similiar style to my mother's ring and it was even a Topaz (which was her birthstone).

Every once and a while we'd talk about Grandma Maria's missing ring and wonder where it could be.

Since we hadn't moved house I figured that one day it might show up again.  To be on the safe side I always checked pockets, purses, and drawers before giving anything away!

Today I was preparing for a garage sale and needed to clean out my golf clubs to sell. 

And I found my mother's ring buried under a bunch of change in one of the pockets!

I know what you're thinking - didn't I look in my golf bag?  Of course I did - it was the first place I looked -  but I never actually EMPTIED it before today.


  1. What a wonderful ending to that story!!!!!! :):):)

  2. That's an amazing story, Marie! I'm so happy you found the ring!

  3. I had something similar happen - although it wasn't 9 years from the time of the "loss" to when it turned up. In late January of 2007 my husband and I travelled by car to Florida. Along the way we stopped to visit friends in Washington, DC. We also stopped at a couple of towns before arriving at our final destination of St. Petersburg. We found that our fingers were swelling a bit in the car so took off our rings (wedding bands included) and put them in a small travel jewellry case and tucked it away. We never even gave it any more thought until several days after we were settled into our hotel in Florida. We were going to the airport to pick up my husband's parents and realized we had not been wearing our rings. I also wanted some earrings and a bracelet. We looked all over for the jewellry case and simply could not find it. We phoned our son and asked him to look around our house for it. He couldn't find it either. We didn't want to think that someone from the hotel staff had taken it - so called everywhere we had stopped on the drive down. No luck. We really thought it was gone forever so called the insurance agent. He said to make a claim we would have to have a police report and advise the hotel manager. We did let the manager know that it was missing just in case we had to follow up. We were still hoping that perhaps our son had not made a good search. When we got home 2 months later we looked all over but still could not find it. My father in law passed away a couple of weeks later and we never followed through with an insurance claim. Two months after that we were travelling to a wedding so pulled out our suitcases. While packing I felt something in one of the pockets - it was my jewellry case! Although we had searched that case many times, we completely missed that funny little pocket on the inside.

  4. Totally happy for you. I'm waiting on a few missing things to pop up and I'll hold hope close:o)