Saturday, June 9, 2007

Remembering to take more photos

In April, supposedly for my husband's birthday, I bought a new Canon Power Shot SD600 Digital Elph camera. I know it was a bit much on top of everything else I got him, but really it was a "sharing" gift for both of us. I told him it was for me too - for Mother's Day- from the kids.

I have an old bulky digital camera that cost the earth and doesn't take great photos (that's when they first came out) and he has a fairly new SLR digital with all kinds of lens and attachments.

I love this little Canon because it fits in my front jeans pocket or other places without taking up too much room.

Right after I gave it to him, my husband used it for a weekend in Orgeon when he went golfing with his buddies. It's the perfect size for fitting in his golf bag and it takes GREAT photos. I really like how portable it is and the battery is rechargeable.

I often carry it in my purse and actually remember to pull it out on occasion. I'm trying to take more photos.

So if you don't mind I'll share with you some photos I took with "my" new little Elph camera and my new Palm Treo camera.

Yesterday I ran some errands and popped into the Michaels in the village at the shopping mall.

They have the coolest window displays in this little add-on to the mall called Park Royal Village. The windows are done up in all one colour (pink, light blue, green and yellow) and everything - I mean EVERYTHING - is spray painted that colour.

Last night we went out to my husband's golf club and had dinner with some friends. The main room was set up for a wedding reception that was happening today.


  1. This is the digital we have too and I LOVE it! Perfect size, good photo quality.

    I find when taking my card photos, I set up in natural light, no flash and the "Macro" setting (to turn off flash click the right side of the little wheel until you turn it off... to turn on macro, click the left side of the wheel until you see the flower image on the screen)

    I would love to take a class about *my* camera to learn more about it's features and abilities. I'm sure I could read the manual but I'm much more a doer than a reader for learning

  2. No way that's a Michaels storefront window! Really? Because those are some gorgeous window displays. Our Michaels doesn't even have windows! TFS.