Friday, June 22, 2007

Letting Nature take it's course...

This morning when we were leaving for school, my son and I saw this young injured bird on our front lawn. I think it's a woodpecker? I say young because the woodpeckers here are very large and this one is not so big.

It was sqawking something fierce and looked like it had been injured somehow - maybe a cat? It couldn't fly.

My son was very distressed by it and kept asking what we could do. I told him that nature needed to take it's course.

When I arrived back home (honestly I'd already forgotten about the bird) I found him on the driveway. I was able to squeeze my car in and avoid running him over.

But now what? He's not sqawking anymore but he's not dead either. I can see that he is badly injured on his face and wing but I don't think he will die of his injuries. He's just a sitting duck out there for all the neighbourhood cats and crows.

Besides moving him off the driveway so I don't run him over - I'm not sure what to do...

1 comment:

  1. you can call the SPCA. We found a bird once and called and they had some bird lady that came and took care of the little guy :)