Tuesday, June 5, 2007

After Photos...

My sister (who lives in another province) asked me why I hadn't posted "after" photos of my house since the painters have been gone over a week now.

They weren't here for very long - 7/8 painters working for 2 days straight. It was a big job getting ready for them and it took me longer to do that than to actually have the house painted. I had to empty the house of all the chachkies (sp?) that I've accumulated over the years.

There was a time that I had no furniture or knick knacks and yearned for a finished and fully decorated/accessorized home.

But the truth is...

when I took all that "stuff" out I kind of liked it! Mind you it did echo for a while but I've put the drapes up and now it's better.

Still I'm not in a hurry to put the paintings & artwork up (that would mean I'd have to hammer holes in my freshly repaired and painted walls) nor am I eager to put up the 3 bookcases and all the "crap" that went in them.

All the open space feels nice - now I know why people purge their homes. It's very enlightening...

The garage on the other hand is full of "crap" and I'll have to do something about that!

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