Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Master Ensuite Renovation Continues...Week 1

Apparently we are right on schedule with this Master Ensuite reno.  

Here's an update:

The new windows went in on Monday and took the WHOLE day.

Here's the BEFORE for these windows.

What an improvement!

But we can see our neighbour's house now thru the big clear window (used to be glass block) and I'm sure they can see us.  

I really don't want them to see me going in and out of the bath and shower so I'm meeting with the "blind" lady this afternoon to go over window covering options.  

The Electrical is all done.  While the electrician was here he added an extra outlet in our bedroom (shared wall with bathroom) and added a timer for the fan in the kids bathroom.

The Plumbing is prepped for drains and fixture hookups.  So 1/2 done!

Next up is drywalling (being done as I type) and then floor heat and then prep for tiling.

Until next time...

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