Sunday, January 24, 2016

Master Ensuite Reno Continues...End of Week 1

Still on schedule....

There were a few set backs - finding a matching brushed nickel finish drain for the shower and a mix up with the size of the shower niche.

I feel like it's taking so long but really a lot has happened this week since the windows went in.

The drywall went up (fast) followed by 2 days of mudding and smoothing out the ceiling (good bye popcorn).

At the same time the tub was dry fitted again and plumbing adjusted.  I'm so glad it fit through the bathroom door - you know some of those tubs do not fit through the door!!

On Monday the shower niche goes in and the waterproof membrane is applied.

I'm going with a big 28 inch Schluter niche with a glass divider so everything will fit inside and no bottles on the floor!!

The field tile will be the 3x6 Antique White subway tile and there will be a 12-14" band of the hex tile around the shower and in the back of the niche.

That's the plan - we'll see what the tiler thinks!!

Recap -
What's happening this week:

  • Drywall will be sanded (not looking forward to that mess) 
  • Shower niche installed and membrane applied to shower base and walls
  • Walls and Floor prepped for tiling
  • Tiler to start with porcelain plank floor tile

By the end of this week, I should have some new pics for you with some tile in place!

Until next time...

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