Thursday, August 7, 2014

Laundry Room Reno ALMOST Done!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My laundry room is almost done.  The laundry side is now finished and functional.

The wine side is still in a holding position - we are waiting for the racks and fridge to be installed.

 It would be done except DH could not imagine what he wanted there until the room was demo'd.

So we had to wait from that first week of demo - and after I made him consult with an expert - for the wine racks to be made and shipped.

The tentative install date is now set for Friday, August 21.  Unless there is another delay....

Here are some photos of the completed laundry side.

You might notice that the paint is NOT BM Revere Pewter as I had earlier posted.

I had to make a switch to BM Bleeker Beige 

because the room ended up being too "warm" for the cool Revere Pewter paint colour.

Some of the fun things I did with this reno were:

Converted an unused closet into a pantry just outside the laundry room

Kept the kids growth chart - on the inside door frame of the laundry room

Used drink dispensers for my laundry detergent and softener (that's my lost sock basket on the right)

Now we just have to wait for the wine side to be done...

I'll post more pics when its all done!

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