Sunday, May 24, 2015

Should I paint my brick??

I need help.  The painters are supposed to start painting my exterior soon (weather permitting) and I have yet to finalize my colours.  And now I'm thinking of painting my brick!
Should I paint it and if so what colour?  Same as the house or lighter?  Not white though!!

I think I'm settled on repainting my house the same colour it is now - BM Raccoon Fur - because of existing elements - rock work, fireplace, and decks - already in my backyard.

I know the front needs to be redone - new rock work, light posts and change brick arches to columns - but all we can afford to do this year is paint (it needs painting).

I like the look of BM Wrought Iron too for my siding and maybe paint the brick BM Hazy Skies or another grey similar to rock we may use in the future?
Any suggestions?

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  1. I love your brick like it is. besides there is no upkeep if you leave it as is but if you paint it, you will always have to touch up chips etc.