Saturday, May 19, 2012

More DIY and Thrifting...

May 19, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted much lately....I have been very busy doing "stuff".

After I helped my DD move into her student rental house I got caught up with all the little jobs that needed to be done there.

First off she needed to paint her room.  The walls were red and the closet had been used as a canvas by the previous tenant - an art student!

 The walls were covered in thumb tacks and those holes needed to be filled.  It took 3 coats of primer to cover the closet walls and 1 coat of primer sealer to cover the red walls!
 Here's what it looks like now - the colour is by Dulux and it's called Sanctuary.

After we painted we got her some furniture - Ikea - and organized her new room.

It still felt so bare so we started looking for other furniture and other little pieces to make it feel like a home and not a squatter's hovel.

Checking out the local Thrift Stores I found some living room chairs for her as well as frames, and artwork.

I must admit that I have become addicted to thrifting and find myself at a Thrift Store at lease once a week.

I'm not much into old clothes but I have found a lot of cool stuff.

Here's a couple of my latest finds:

I found this cool Van Gogh portrait that is actually a mosaic.

The bedroom doors all had chalkboard squares painted on them 
so we used a $1 frame and some foam tape to make it look a bit nicer.

I picked up this oval frame with glass and we're going to make it into a dry erase board.  
It doesn't even need to be paint - it just needs some neutral fabric or canvas to put behind the glass.

Doing all this stuff for DD and thrifting has really motivated me to do some things around my own home.

Since I was shopping for curtains for DD's new room (at the rental) I picked up some curtains for her room at home (on the to do list for over 1 year now) and for my living room and dining room.  I got some curtains that are a lighter colour and lighter weight - I had corduroy and velvet curtains in these rooms before..

 As well I finally got around to putting up a curtain rod in my bedroom and putting up the curtain panels I've had for 6 years.  This job was on my to do list for almost 8 years now - where does the time go???

And I finished turning my "found" picture frames into cork boards.

Click HERE for the BEFORE and now this is the FINISHED.
 These frames were not in very good shape but spray paint hides a lot!
And they are big!  This one is 14 x 16 and the other one is 20 x 24.
 I used foam core board as my base, glued on the cork sheet (with white glue) and then used these mounting clips to secure the cork to the board.

Well that's enough for this post..

I've got more projects planned - both papercrafts and DIY - so check back if you like!

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