Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ornament Wreath Re-Do

Although I liked the idea of the simplicity of using a wire coat hanger to make a wreath I was not happy with my final results.


It was too small for my door, it was too thick, I didn't like the coat hanger showing, it was losing it's shape from the weight of all the ornaments, and it was scratching my door.

This is what it looked like

So last night I fired up the glue gun and re-did the wreath.

I used the same ornaments just mounted them on a different base!

I used a 24" artificial wreath ($5 - found one 50% off)  and wrapped it with gold tulle ($3 on sale too).  I wrapped the tulle around it to hold down the greenery and protect my door from getting scratched. 

Note: You might be able to find a better solution for a base but all of the foam cores I saw were too small or too big and this seemed like the easiest choice for me at the timeIf I had seen a grapevine wreath that might have worked too.

When I glued down all the ornaments I noticed that there were gaps where the cap of the ornament showed or between ornaments.  So I bought some small filler balls in red and gold to glue into the "cracks".

It has a thinner profile than the wire coat hanger wreath.  Compare the two below.


The revised wreath is so pretty I don't think it even needs a bow.

What do you think? 

Until Next Time!


  1. Yep...I does look better, even though I liked the first attempt!!! :)

  2. I I loved this when I saw it and have been looking for plastic ornaments since. I found two buckets of assorted size gold tday for $5each. Any advice if I try to do this with the coat hanger? Or should I wait and look fora wreath base.