Saturday, August 25, 2007

She's at it AGAIN!

You might remember a post I did a while ago about my daughter who likes to tattoo.

Well she's at it again! This time she's only tattooing herself and has left her brother alone.

She offered to give me one but I declined. Too much to do to keep my arm, hand, leg, ankle or foot still long enough for her to ink me!

It's not a real tattoo only FAKE and totally washable. She uses a combination of sharpies, white gel pens, coloured gel pens, coloured markers and EYELINER! Yes that's eyeliner like the kind you put on your eyes! Anything she can get her hands on and will work she'll use it.
ETA: I talked to my daughter about not using markers and she tells me
that she is using only liquid eyeliner and eye pencils now for her
designs. Thanks for the safety advice and suggestions!

God help me! I think I've got a Kat Von D (from Miami Ink) wannabe on my hands!

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