Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Holed up!

I feel like one of those of embedded CNN reporters - I'm holed up in my small den. Yes the painters have arrived en masse!

There are 7 of them here working like the dickens taking things apart, moving furniture, sanding walls, and filling holes.

A few minutes ago there was a flurry of different activity and I discovered that the "head" painter had just returned with the paints. One guy has already started putting a coat of paint on in the living room.

Uh oh! I'm having "paint colour remorse" and I'm not sure if I picked the right colour for the living room. I don't think it's going to be dark enough but I'll wait until they get the first coat up and see if it dries darker.

I'm a nervous wreck and I know should stop drinking coffee NOW!
I don't want to go out and leave the dog & the painters "unattended" but I don't want to stay and keep spying on them...

Now you know another reason why we haven't painted in 10 years.
Yes I'm a bit of a control freak!

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